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Software Engineering Daily is an open source platform for content about software.

Users can discuss content, share links, and connect with each other. As you use Software Engineering Daily, the application figures out your tastes, and recommends people for you to connect with and content that you might find entertaining or educational.

Our goal is to build a system of loosely coupled systems and services for communicating about software.

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  1. Nobody works for anyone. We work with each other.
  2. Mutual investment. When we invest in others that investment comes back compounded.
  3. Creativity for yourself and others. Your work should energize you. Our product should inspire users.
  4. Optimistic determinism. Decide what future you would like to see then execute the proper actions.
  5. Patience over panic. The worst mistakes come from reactive impulses.
  6. Quantify expected value. Take risks with high potential upside and low maximum downside.
  7. Long term thinking. If you don’t know what you want you are unlikely to get it.
  8. An idea without action is opinion.